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Clothing and Accoutrements

Coming dressed as a Mountain Man just makes the whole experience more fun and brings your unit closer together. A fun trip to a couple of thrift stores and you can transform your scouts into Mountain Men.

In the pictures to the left, we show four stages of dress at the Rendezvous. The Greenhorn is the minimum. Having a shirt and canvas pants show that the scout is trying. This will get them into the ‘Best Dress’ competition and into the great Mountain Man Raffle. (Head gear not required, but encouraged.) The other steps just show how they can enlarge their ‘persona’ and get more involved.

Download More Information About Clothing, and How to Create Your Own Outfit! Clothing.PDF

It's never too early to prepare for the next Rendezvous!

Shelters and Camping

Coming to the Rendezvous and camping ‘primitive’ heightens the experience of participating in the Varsity Scout Mountain Man Rendezvous. Setting up a primitive camp is as easy as buying some inexpensive canvas painters tarps, figuring out what kind of tent to set up (see examples right) and then making sure that any non-period camp equipment is covered up with canvas or out of sight when not in use.

You can add to your campsite by doing some lashing projects, like setting up a tripod or rack with your cooking gear, flag pole or whatever. If you are camping ‘primitive’ the Booshway will allow your unit to camp in the premier primitive campsites during the Rendezvous. You need to dress ‘primitive’ (see Clothing and Accoutrements) to use these campsites. Let the Booshway know that your unit is coming as Mountain Men!

Download More Information About Shelters and Camping, and How to Create Your Own Campsite! Camping.PDF

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