The memory I will hold the longest is walking into Blackfoot Fort for the first time on Friday night and seeing all the historical displays backlight with beautiful candle light…chills ran down my spine as I walked through the fort portico and traveled through a portal that took me 180 years back in time! And then to top it off, we received a wealth of information from the re-enactors on a subject I previously did not know much about. What a great feeling!
You and your staff put on a quality fun program. We enjoyed the fort and the activities. I think it's great that the adults can compete! Our team would like to do more next year as far as volunteering.
A great event. I know my team learned a lot and we look forward to building on that knowledge to come better prepared next year. The staff were outstanding. The food was great. I look forward to our teams participation in future years, and I look forward to establishing the rendezvous as a proud tradition within our Varsity team.
I thought the Mountain Man Rendezvous was a tremendous success, at least from our perspective. I'd never attended before, and I was thoroughly impressed. You guys do a fantastic job -- the events were all top-notch, the staff looked great, and the food was tasty.
My boys liked all the events and have plans to prepare better for next year. It took us about 4 years to really figure it out and every year there is a new twist and we LOVE it. This is a "must-do" on our calendar each year.
Fantastic! Terrific! From everything I could see, the event was very well planned and perfectly executed. The scouts had an awesome time. Overall and in every way a very well-run event. Kudos to the staff and volunteers. It rocked. I thought the closing event was great, and I applaud your policy of not giving awards to those who don’t stay.
We collectively agree that this was the best yet. Our boys look forward to this activity all year. Some boys who won’t go to a summer camp or high adventure activity look forward to the rendezvous. We specifically liked the new events, Mule Packing, & Bear Hunting.
Thank you again for your efforts. It was fantastic. The new events were great. I would not change anything. Perfect job!
This was a first class event! Once I got the guys there, they really enjoyed it. We look forward to returning to defend our title. The web-site is excellent.
We had a wonderful time. You guys did a great job. I do want you to know that your efforts to create meaningful activities to teach and build young men will not go un-rewarded.
This was our first time at this event and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The events were exciting, well ran and all the boys seemed to get really involved which was nice to see.
... I think it was awesome and my unit really had a great time. This was our first time going primitive, and I think we will now be doing that from now on....we will be building our own targets this coming year and acquire some hawks and knives.....
Thank you for a great Rendezvous! We all had a wonderful time! We think everything worked awesome! Don’t change a thing!
... just wanted to say thanks very much again for you guys coming out to give us the Mountain Man treatment last Friday. It was fantastic, the guys loved it, and are really looking forward to the Rendezvous.
My guys had a great time. I encouraged the dads to go and they were all impressed. In fact the guys want to really practice and possibly show up in mountain man attire for next year.
Speaking for myself and my boys, we had a fantastic time! I think everything was well organized, plenty of great leadership, and lots of fun for all. I can only imagine how much work you had to put in, so.... THANKS A BILLION!
That was awesome! Everyone had a lot of fun, even the leaders... I am greatful for the commitment, and effort of you and your staff. We will surely be back next year, and hopefully for many more years to come.
A huge thanks to your and your staff! Great food! Very well planned, and we all had an outstanding time. This was our first year. We only had 4 scouts attend this time, but the way they were buzzing around about it, I expect that we'll at least double that next year getting 100% participation.
Booshway, I wanted to thank you for coming to our meeting last night. That was one of the highest turnouts we have had in years. Everyone got a lot out of the presentation and the boys are motivated to go to the rendezvous. I took a couple of the boys home and we talked about the rendezvous. They are looking forward to attending in September.
thanks again for another outstanding rendezvous!! In spite of your being shorthanded from the re-schedule, your staff did an amazing job putting on the event. The Scouts had a great time like always, and the ones that aren't aging out are already planning for next year.
We sure had a great time and look forward to doing it again next year. Taking input from the boys and my other leader, I don't have any criticisms. There were a number of things I really liked at this year's rendezvous. Having the blacksmith in the fort making horseshoes was definitely a hit. It turned some down time into useful information, entertainment and learning. The food was fantastic as always. I am certain we can prevail upon the boys to dress up and camp like mtn men next year. Thanks for all of your work. It continues to be the best scout activity around.